Tiny On-Chain Pixel Art
NFTs Since 2018
What are PixelCons?

PixelCons are collectible NFTs featuring minimalist pixel art. 8x8 and only 16 colors, each PixelCon is unique and all it's data fits in the size of a hash. This open platform was started in 2018 to allow any artist to easily make digital collectibles within a shared ecosystem.
PixelCons Origin Story

Read about the origin of PixelCons in the article from ONE37PM. In it is an interview with the lead developer and details how the project came together over three years ago before NFTs exploded to the status they have today.

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What makes PixelCons Special?
  • All data is fully on-chain
  • Never any developer fees or royalties
  • No hidden admin restrictions
  • Completely open source